RIP Subrata Mukherjee || Massive cardiac arrest after returning from the bathroom at noon Kalipujo! No more responses …

#Kolkata: He ordered bread and curry for lunch. Mild chest pain is felt at that time. Then go to the bathroom. Massive cardiac arrest after returning from the bathroom. CPR was given, but no response was received. The fighting stopped at 9.22 pm. Subrata Mukherjee, Minister of State for Panchayats and Rural Development, passed away after a long political career. He was 6 years old at the time of his death.

He suffered a heart attack during the fall of Diwali on Thursday while undergoing treatment at SSKM Hospital. When his condition deteriorated, he was transferred to the ICU. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee rushed to SSKM to see the minister after leaving the house pujo. Arriving at the hospital is unbelievable faith. After spending some time in the hospital, the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee on Subrata Mukherjee) announced, ‘It was so dark in the day of light, I couldn’t even imagine. There have been many disasters, but it is a great disaster. People like Subrata Mukherjee, he is so lively, I don’t know if the party will be alive. See you that day too, smile. Said I will go to the district again. But that’s what happened. There is a huge heart attack. The doctors tried a lot. Once that happened in Darjeeling too, we brought it back with great difficulty. But this time it did not happen.

Note that on the morning of October 25, Subrata Mukherjee felt sick at home. He was rushed to SSKM Hospital. He was admitted to the ICU after a preliminary examination in the cardiology department there. He was admitted to the ICU under the supervision of cardiologist Saroj Mandal. He was later placed on non-invasive ventilation or bipap support. Oxygen is also given. Gradually his physical condition became stable. But on this day the situation deteriorated again.

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