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Roddur Roy: Clapping in court, arguing! Roddur Roy’s police custody, the judge said


#Kolkata: Roddur Roy is in police custody till June 14. On social media, Roddur Roy, a writer and YouTuber, attacked several grassroots leaders, including Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, in vulgar and vulgar language. Several other police stations, including the Hair Street police station, have since filed complaints against Roddur Roy. Roddur Roy was finally arrested from Goa on Tuesday. He was brought to Calcutta on Wednesday night. He was taken to Bankshal Court on Thursday. In the courtroom, Roddur started arguing with the IGs and some ruling party lawyers.

The public prosecutor said, “Where is the recognition of the language used in the constitution?” The kind of language that has been used about the Chief Minister, why only the Chief Minister, such language cannot be said about anyone else. Using social media is destroying the dignity of the Chief Minister. However, Roddur’s lawyers applauded loudly on that day. However, Roddur is in police custody till June 14.

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Police from Hair Street Police Cyber ​​Cell arrested YouTuber from Goa. As soon as he landed in Kolkata on Wednesday night, he was heard shouting in front of the media, ‘Keep distance. Don’t touch me. ‘ He did not answer any question of the journalists. Roddur has been charged with multiple offenses including disrespecting women, inciting unrest and criminal conspiracy. Roddur Roy will be taken to court today.

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The incident started with KK’s show on Nazrul Mancha and then with the death of the singer. Nazrul fell ill shortly after the stage show and died of a heart attack. Excessive crowds thronged the Nazrul Mancha that day to watch KK’s show. Crowds of 6,000 people and the ACO had been off for a long time, it was alleged. Questions also arose about various negligence. After that, Roddur Roy pointed a finger at the West Bengal government for creating such chaos on Facebook Live. This is not the end. He also attacked Mamata Banerjee, Abhishek Banerjee, Madan Mitra and Firhad Hakim in vulgar language.

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