Roopa Ganguly: BJP’s big embarrassment rebel Rupa Ganguly, on the contrary ‘fatwa’ on the media!

#Kolkata: Again the fire of revolt is in Bengal BJP. This time the rebel BJP Rajya Sabha MP Roopa Ganguly. He turned rebellious at a party meeting last Tuesday in front of the current and former state BJP president. Leave the meeting. After that Rupa Gangopadhyay posted explosives on social media. And as soon as the news of the BJP meeting controversy came out, the Gerua camp took an unprecedented step. News inside the party has been leaked that the media has been barred from entering the BJP’s state office.

The BJP general secretary (organization) Amitabh Chakraborty has issued this verdict on the media. Some political analysts say the ruling was prompted by fears of protests over the candidate list. This is not the first time the BJP has issued such a fatwa on the media. Earlier, Amal Chattopadhyay had also banned journalists from entering the party office during his tenure as BJP general secretary (organization). That day came back again.

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In addition to the virtual Rupa Gangopadhyay appearing at Tuesday’s meeting, the party’s state president Sukant Majumder, all-India co-president and former state president Dilip Ghosh, as well as the presidents of the two organizing districts of Kolkata were also present. According to sources, in that virtual meeting, Rupa Gangopadhyay wants to know from the state president Sukantar, why he has been called for the meeting. After that he left the meeting. Not only that, after that he made a post on social media. In this explosive post, he made a serious allegation regarding the death of Teesta Biswas, the former coordinator of Kolkata Municipality.

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Incidentally, Teesta Biswas was the BJP co-ordinator of Calcutta Municipality. He died in a car accident in East Midnapore a few days ago. Though Teesta’s husband Gaurab Biswas was supposed to be the candidate from that ward, the party gave the ticket to another person. And Rupa was angry and frustrated with that. After that, the Rajya Sabha MP took the oath of office in Tuesday’s meeting. However, this use of silver is not well received by the Bengal BJP leadership. Complaints have already been lodged with the central leadership. However, for the time being, the state BJP leadership has been instructed to coordinate with Rupar to cover up the embarrassment. However, a fatwa has been issued in the media for all this.

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