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Rowing competition at Dal Lake for Bengal in June is uncertain – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: This time the rowing team from Bengal will most likely not be able to compete in Dal Lake. The club authorities are under a lot of pressure. This time there will be a rowing competition in Dal Lake on June 20-26. Up to the age of 13-15 years. There is an event called Challengers for those who have not won National before. It is an open event. When the clubs requested the police for a selection trial, the clubs were told not to do so by the police. Club owner Subrata Guha said, ‘I have to go somewhere else to practice rowing. It could be Hyderabad or Dal Lake. How much will that be possible? There are questions about that. There is no place for rowing in the state anymore.

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There is a problem with security when it comes to practicing at Dal Lake. So the club authorities are also worried about how much it will be possible to practice there. According to people who visit the lake in the morning and in the afternoon, environmentalists have legislated for an oil-powered speed boat. They also said that the tree cutting machine starts from the grass of the lake. All oil-powered machines are being cut. Why is there no question of pollution? Where state or country honor is involved in the game. Therefore, the people who came to the lake have claimed that it is not right to do these things with the game.

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Everyone has the same complaint, the way there is algae in the water of the lake. As soon as someone gets down, their feet get entangled. It becomes very difficult to swim. Moreover, the water of the lake is not clear. As a result, pollution is spreading. The fish are dying. However, a game like rowing has been suspended indefinitely. That’s what sports fans are regretting.


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