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Rowing Guidelines: Special demands and suggestions from environmentalists to make rowing safe in Kolkata clubs


Kolkata: Rowing instructors should be hired permanently, not temporarily. Besides, the rescue speed boats mentioned in the specific guidelines should be pollution free. Environmentalists and citizens have appealed to the Kolkata Police and KMDA authorities to include these two issues in the guidelines to this effect. The Kolkata Police Commissioner and KMDA authorities have already been informed in writing.

On behalf of environmentalists, Somendra Mohan Ghosh said, “We appreciate the guidelines issued by the administration for the resumption of rowing in rowing clubs. However, I have requested to add two more issues with that guideline and take necessary steps in the public interest. The three rowing clubs in Kolkata should have permanent coaches with long experience, not contract. There are many national and international level trainers in and around the city. The administration has been informed that the clubs should hire those coaches permanently if necessary.

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Experts believe that this will benefit those who are involved in rowing. At the same time, rowing adventurers will benefit from how to protect themselves in the event of an accident. Rescue speedboats have already been mentioned in the guidelines or SOP clubs reached by the administration, but there is no specific mention as to whether the boats will be battery-powered or petrol-powered.

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Environmentalist Somendra Mohan Ghosh said, “Rabindra Sarobar is known as the national lake. Lots of people come here for morning walks. In addition to the safety issues, I have also appealed to the administration that the rescue boat should be battery powered. It will maintain the eco-friendly condition of the city’s lung Rabindra Sarovar.

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