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Rowing rescue boat returns to Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata Police to give final guidelines to city clubs today – News18 Bangla


Venkateswara Lahiri, Kolkata: Rowing has been closed for several days in a row. If all goes well, rowing will resume in the city clubs in the middle of this month. Police and administration have reportedly given such indications to the city’s rowing club officials. . However, you must do rowing in accordance with the guidelines (Rowing in Kolkata).

The preliminary draft guideline or SOP, jointly prepared by KMDA and the police, will be finalized today, Tuesday and delivered to the three rowing clubs in the city on behalf of the administration. We have to follow that guideline from now on. The role of clubs will be scrutinized from time to time to see if those guidelines are being followed at all. Meanwhile, the club officials commented that the meeting held with the police, KMDA and club officials in Lalbazar on Monday was very positive.

Chandan Roy Chowdhury, secretary of the Calcutta Rowing Club, said: It’s just an accident. We were careful. In the coming days also all the guidelines of the administration will be followed. Besides, petrol powered motor rescue boats are used only for emergency services. So those who are talking about pollution from petrol-powered rescue boats at Rabindra Sarobar are not right. We will abide by the final guidelines given by the administration in this regard.

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Meanwhile, the rescue boat makers of the city are also holding discussions with the club authorities. Manoj Shah and Rohit Shah, two directors of such a boat manufacturer, told News18Bangla: We will supply it as per the demand of the clubs. ” The clubs said that the petrol powered motor boat can reach the spot quickly in case of any emergency. There is no question of pollution. The battery-powered boat will get there in a relatively short time. Our main goal is to get to the rescue as quickly as possible. In that case petrol bonded rescue boat is effective instead of electric boat. However, we will abide by the instructions given by the concerned administration and the environmental court in this regard. ”

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Some of the environmentalists, however, do not agree with the arguments of the rowing clubs. In the words of Somendra Mohan Ghosh, one of the city’s environmental technologists, “No matter how high-powered petrol-powered rescue boats may be called environmentally friendly, if battery-powered rescue boats are used in Rabindra Sarovar, where there is zero pollution, petrol-powered boats will spread even a little bit of pollution.” Therefore, we demand that the battery-powered fully eco-friendly follow boat be used as a rescue boat at Rabindra Sarobar. Incidentally, two students recently lost their lives in the Kalbaishakhi violence while rowing in Rabindra Sarobar. Soon after this tragic incident, strict guidelines on rowing in Rabindra Sarobar came into effect. If all goes well, rowing will resume at Rabindra Sarobar this month.

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