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Rupankar Bagchi | KK Demise: netizen are furious on Singer Rupankar after KKs Death


#Kolkata: The famous musician Keke left the music lovers of the whole country in tears after his sudden death. The popular singer, who is only 53 years old, died suddenly when he came to perform in Kolkata. KK fell ill after the ceremony at Nazrul Mancha on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Rupankar Bagchi gave a video message about KK to the Bengali audience in the context of ‘madness’. Which is where the debate begins. The national award winning singer could not have imagined in a nightmare that the news of KK’s death would arrive tonight. The controversy over video messages had already begun. After the death of Kek, a part of Netdunia erupted in anger. Artist Rupankar was also called to boycott on social media.

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In his video message, singer Rupankar said that he also saw some glimpses of the live show of the cake on social media. There is no doubt that he is an impeccable singer. But watching the video of the live show, Rupankar thinks that he and popular Bengali singers like Emon, Raghav, Manomay, Roopam, Anupam are many more good songs. Not only that, he also claims that the amount of cake earned at the national level is unimaginable for regional artists. So he does not want to go to that comparison. According to Rupankar, where CK is at the national level, Bengali artists are also in the same position. Especially after watching the video of the live show, his idea has become more entrenched. In his words, the singers he has named are all better songs than any other cake. Perhaps Rupankar wanted to say that Bengalis should be as interested in the songs of regional artists as they are in Bollywood singers.

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After that the debate started with his speech. The fire practically turned into a fire when the news of the coincidental death of the cake arrived. Netizens are furious. Some people have complained that Rupankar’s ‘curse’ is like cake. Someone says Rupankar has done black magic! Blasphemy is going on in Netpara. Not only this, the call to boycott Rupankar’s song has also been raised from a section of netizens.

Some of the artists have also been criticized by name or not. Rupankar Bagchi is angry with the directors from the artist in Tolipara. Actress Rupanjana Mitra wrote on her Facebook page, “Shame on you Rupankar Bagchi, you can remove the narrowness of your mind, compare it with Tarapak KK, you will get your national award tomorrow. Be a big man first, damn you! Keke has won our hearts with her singing. No one has given you the right to belittle her in this way. ”

It has been demanded that Rupankar should publicly apologize for his comments on KK. However, Rupankar has not opened his mouth about this yet. Although he tried to contact her on telephone, he could not be contacted.

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