Saayoni Ghosh: ‘Shall we not eat sweets?’ Saini Ghosh shares video from hospital! What’s the matter

#Kolkata: The fact that his mother is in a lot of places in his life has been understood on his social media account at various times. He also shared the video of his mother eating sweets in secret a few days ago, and this time the young Trinamool leader Saayoni Ghosh shared the video of his mother who was admitted to the hospital. The video shared on Facebook has also won the hearts of everyone. However, the good news is that Saini’s mother has recovered and will be released from the hospital soon.

Saini joined the grassroots before the assembly elections this year. He then became the Trinamool candidate in the Asansol South constituency. According to Trinamool sources, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee wants to shape the party’s youth organization with a bird’s eye view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. According to party sources, Saini, the representative of the present generation, has been given the same responsibility as a youth organization. So even though he lost the election, Saini’s fight caught everyone’s eye. Abhishek Banerjee brought Saayoni Ghosh in charge of the youth.

The responsibility is now on the shoulders. It was night when I returned home. Recently, Saini returned home one night and showed her mother’s kandakarkhana. In the video of her eating biscuits at two in the morning, Saini asked her mother, ‘How many biscuits have you eaten?’ Mother is answering, ‘Five’! Upon hearing this, Saini was shocked and wanted to know, ‘You have eaten five biscuits!’ After that, Saini Ghosh’s mother said, ‘It will be a game’! Saini was even more shocked to hear that. Laughing, he asked, ‘What will happen?’ Saini’s mother replied again, ‘It will be a game’! That video also became very popular.

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This time the video shows Saini Ghosh’s ‘sweet’ man lying in the hospital bed. The mother informs her daughter in detail about what the doctor forbade. The daughter is also accompanying her mother in equal measure. Sharing this video, Saini jokingly wrote, ‘We don’t eat sweets, don’t we eat sweets? PS: You are really very cute !!

Saini has been running in different parts of the state since she got the responsibility of the grassroots youth organization. The team even sent him to Tripura. Saini naturally forgot day and night to strengthen the party organization. However, in the meantime, the fans are going with the gift of various sweet moments with the mother.

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