Saayoni Ghosh: ‘Will play’ inside the house at midnight! This video of Saini Ghosh is bound to win your heart …

#Kolkata: He has lost the assembly elections this year. But he thinks that a lot of people love him and are with him. Even though he lost the vote, the Trinamool has put him at the top of the youth wing. This time Saayoni Ghosh showed a video inside her house. In this sweet video, Saini is showing her mother and her two beloved pets after returning home at night.

Video The mother-daughter conversation is going on about eating biscuits. In the video of her mother eating biscuits at two in the morning, Saini wanted to know, ‘How many biscuits did you eat?’ Saini’s mother is answering, ‘Five’! Saini was shocked to hear that and wanted to know, ‘You ate five biscuits!’ After that, Saini Ghosh’s mother said, ‘It will be a game’! Saini was even more shocked to hear that. Laughing, he asked, ‘What will happen?’ Saini’s mother replied again, ‘It will be a game’!

This is not the end, when Saini says ‘Joy Bangla’, her mother also says ‘Joy Bangla’ in unison. The whole video has become very popular on the net. Incidentally, Abhishek Banerjee became the Trinamool’s all-India general secretary after the Trinamool came to power for the third time in a row in the Assembly polls. At that time he resigned as the president of the youth grassroots. Actress Saini Ghosh was brought in charge in place of Abhishek. She became the new youth president of the Trinamool.

Saayoni Ghosh joined the grassroots before the vote. Asansol became the Trinamool candidate in the South constituency. According to Trinamool sources, the Trinamool leader wants to organize the party organization with a bird’s eye view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. And according to that formula, according to the plan, the representative of the present generation, Saini, was given the responsibility like a youth organization. When he lost the election, his fight caught everyone’s eye. Abhishek Banerjee brought Saayoni Ghosh in charge of the youth.

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And Saini, who is in charge of the youth, is running around in different parts of the state. The team is even sending him to Tripura. Saini naturally forgot day and night to strengthen the party organization. As a result, it took a long time to return home at night. In this situation, even if it is for a short time to return home, the sweet time that he spends, it seems as if it came up in the latest video of the actress and the leader.

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