Friday, July 1, 2022

Sabyasachi Dutta joining TMC | Sabyasachi is returning to the grassroots, said Mamata herself!


#Kolkata: News18 was the first to give the hint that you can return to the grassroots. This time the news was sealed (Sabyasachi Dutta joining TMC). “I told her to take him today,” Banerjee told the media before taking the oath. However, it is not yet clear exactly when Sabyasachi Dutt will join the grassroots.

Sabyasachi Dutt has not been in the BJP for some time. He was even heard to make several comments contrary to the party’s ideology. He was not seen at any big event of the team. He directly opposed Dilip Ghosh’s remarks on the Lakhimpur incident. That’s when it became clear that Sabyasachi might return to the grassroots.

Like political observers, the grassroots gain now that Sabyasachi is back home. Because BJP has been put in charge of Sabyasachi in Kharadha by-election. In this situation, the Trinamool thinks that the BJP camp will be hit hard if Sabyasachi leaves.

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