#Kolkata: He once joined the BJP by overcoming the illusion of the grassroots by holding the hand of Mukul Roy. He also lost to his teammate Sujit Basu from Bidhannagar constituency in the assembly polls. Sabyasachi Dutta returned to her old home on the day Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as MLA after winning the Bhabanipur by-election. And Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee herself announced her return to the grassroots. Sabyasachi has been playing out of tune for a few days. Sabyasachi was 180 degrees against the opinion of the party. Finally back to the grassroots on Thursday. But why did the grassroots leave? He gave the ‘answer’ to that question today.

Sabyasachi returned home holding the hands of Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee and minister Firhad Hakim in the assembly. And back, he said, ‘I have kept Mamata Di in front for a long time, the representative of the municipality, the mayor, twice the MLA. Didn’t go to another team, it would be a lie to say that. Surely there was a misunderstanding within the group. That’s why I got emotional and went to another team. But today Mamata Di accepted me again. Perth Da, Bobby (Firhad) Da accepted. Today, a new path began to walk again. This time I will follow the way the team says. ‘

The recent disharmony of BJP leaders in Bengal politics is now a watershed affair. The leaders who left the grassroots and joined the BJP want to return to the old party. Mukul Roy, known as Chanakya of Bengal, has returned to the old team. From then on, speculations started about BJP leader Sabyasachi Dutt. Sabyasachi was increasing the embarrassment of BJP by making various comments at different times. The political circles were thinking that now is the time for Sabyasachi to return to the grassroots. The only knot was Sujit Basu. According to Trinamool sources, Sujit got a call from the very top of the party. Then the ice melts.

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Finally, today, Sabyasachi Dutt was seen entering the house of the Chief Minister holding the hand of Mukul Roy. “I told him to take her (Sabyasachi) today,” Mamata told the assembly. After the press conference, the former MLA of Bidhannagar officially returned to his old house.

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