Sabyasachi Dutta | Will Sabyasachi Dutt walk on the path of Mukul? Match that hint …

#Kolkata, Anup Chakraborty: At one point, Mukul joined the BJP by cutting Roy’s hand. But today, it seems that Sabyasachi Dutta is gradually playing out of tune. The leader is still close to Mukul Roy in the BJP. But what he says in his mouth is clearly 180 degrees opposite to the opinion of the party. With the death of a farmer in Uttar Pradesh, another melody was heard in his mouth. There is only one word circulating in the political arena to spread such news.

Sabyasachi Dutt was recently questioned about the death of a farmer who was crushed in Mantriputra’s car in Uttar Pradesh. Sabyasachi’s flat answer is, “Whose car is not that big, the incident that went viral is what I see on TV. It is a very sad, tragic incident. Whoever does it should be punished severely and there should be only one punishment. No. “

Dilip Ghosh had made a comment a few days ago about the Trinamool delegation leaving. “Representatives of all parties have tried to go. No matter how much money you have, what would you eat if there were no farmers? I think it’s a disgraceful day for the state and the country for what has happened there,” Sabyasachi said.

Commenting on Dilip Ghosh’s remarks, Sabyasachi said, “There is no language to comment on this. Whether the farmers have been crushed in this way, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it is his thoughts, his intentions. What can I say about him? If you support crushing, I can’t say anything. “

Sabyasachi was also heard to support the agrarian movement. “I don’t know what caused the movement. But suppressing a movement cannot be a method, in a democratic country. It’s not the Taliban era in Afghanistan,” he said. Exactly how active he is in the team, this inevitable question also came up. Sabyasachi said, “There has been no such active event since May 2. If there is an event, it is a matter of absence.” Naturally, the question arises, after May 2, the heavyweight by-election took place in the state. But Sabyasachi can not see any activity! Is his eye on the other side?

-Reporter: Anup Chakrabarty

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