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#Kolkata: The Sahitya Akademi Award went to playwright Bratya Basu. Minister of State for Education Bratya has been awarded this year’s Sahitya Academy Award 2021 for his book ‘Mirzafar and Other Plays’ published by Mitra and Ghosh Publishers. Of the 20 languages ​​in which the Sahitya Akademi Award has been announced, one more drama book has been awarded besides the book Bratya. Written in Hindi, playwright Dayaprakash Sinha won the award for his play ‘Emperor Ashoka’.

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From indecent to hemlat, the Prince of Garanhata, the margins of Darjipara, Krishnagahbar, the fear of the 18th of July, the closed music of the Brahmins. After that, one after the other, timeless dramas like Boma, Mirzafar have been created in the pen of Professor Bratya. Gradually his plays have also been published. Not only that, he has written several articles and made policy on the management and economic planning aspect of Bengali drama. Bratyai wants to create a new style of Bangla Group Theater in the style of Company Theater. At first, dramas like Ashalin, Aranyadev, 16th July were made by Bratya for the sake of mass culture. Page Four, written by him, has been successfully performed in Lokkrishti Dal for a long time. After that, Kalindi made a storm at the box office like K, Boma, Cinema from the closed music of Bratyajan. Not only that, various directors and teams from Kolkata and its suburbs have worked on Bratya’s plays. Winkle Twinkle, written by Bratya Basu and directed by Devesh Chatterjee, became the voice of protest in the Left era. The popularity was also extreme.

Bratya Ekadik said in an interview that he wants to bring any project that has been made into a movie on the stage. Brought. He made the stars covered in the clouds of Ritwik Ghatak. Not only by writing a play, but also as a director, actor, skilled organizer of the world of drama, Shambhu Mitra, Utpal Dutt, Badal Sarkar, he has risen like a star in the next Bengali drama. His writing brings out the dialogue from the cover of soft, fluffy phrases. The power of his pen has repeatedly demanded excellence in translation plays as well. He had already received public recognition, this time at the Sahitya Akademi.

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