said Nepotism will not be allowed in Kolkata Corporation any more ‘The day is over to flatter the big boss,’

#Kolkata: The day of promotion is over by getting close to the office boss. Firhad Hakim, the Minister and the Deputy Administrator of the Calcutta Corporation, informed himself. On Friday, he said previously unqualified office workers had been promoted despite not having qualifications. From now on, the hopes of the workers who bring pocket oil will not be fulfilled. In a strong message, the minister explained that Firhad Hekim wanted to put an end to nepotism in the Calcutta Corporation.

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It is alleged that nepotism had been going on in the Calcutta Corporation for a long time. That will not happen from now on. This was made clear by Minister Firhad Hakim on Friday. He said that there are a number of engineers who have been promoted to senior engineers despite lack of experience. On the other hand, there are many engineers who are experienced and skilled at work. But they still work at the junior level.

Firhad Hakim (Firhad Hakim) said, from now on, if you work in one post for three years, then only that office worker will get the opportunity to be promoted. For executive posts, the corporation will promote 40% of the old employees as per the rules of the state government. And 80% will be newly recruited. It was 50% before.

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The minister said since the state government pays a large portion of the corporation’s wages, municipal work requires the approval of the state finance department. Therefore, the Calcutta Corporation will abide by the rules of employment of the State Government. He also said that there are some upper caste municipal workers who do not get any promotion for the rest of their lives. In their case, the opportunity of promotion is starting once in the working life.

His message was clear in the words of the minister, “One thing, to go in or out of the office to flatter the big boss of the office or to rub oil. The day is over.” The officials of the Kolkata Municipality have decided in a new board meeting to speed up the recruitment and work of the Calcutta Corporation.

Worship Durga in front. With that, the minister said, every councilor will be given two lakh masks. The administration will try to maintain social distance in the pujo pandals. Entry inside the pandal was also banned last time. Once again, the Kolkata Municipality has accepted the decision of the High Court. So Pujo is banning entry to the pandal.

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