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saigal hossain bodyguard of anubrata mondal will be in cbi custody till 17 june – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The CBI has arrested Saigal Hossain, a bodyguard of Trinamool district president Anubrat Mandal in Birbhum in a cattle smuggling case. He was interrogated at the Nizam’s Palace on Thursday morning. After that, Saigal was arrested. According to CBI sources, he has been arrested on charges of possessing property inconsistent with his income. Saigal was taken to court on Friday.

Saigal Hossain, who was arrested in connection with cattle smuggling case, was remanded in CBI custody till June 16. The CBI interrogated Saigal in Asansol CBI Special Court overnight. According to CBI sources, the documents related to Saigal’s property are in whose name? How many bank accounts does Siegel have? Which accounts would be the most traded? Saigal had a phone conversation with Enamul Haque on the phone call list during the cattle smuggling case. What was the phone call about? Not only as a mediator in Enamul’s attempt to communicate with Anubrat Mandal, did Saigal get some benefit from Enamul? Saigal could not provide accurate information about the source of income. There is a big difference between the source of wealth and income. That is why the CBI arrested him. Interrogation is done at night. Most of the answers were inconsistent with Saigal, the CBI claimed.

Saigal was produced before the Asansol CBI Special Court on Friday. Siegel’s lawyer Anirban Guhathakurta and Sanjeev Daan pleaded, “Siegel has been arrested completely illegally. How was he arrested without giving notice under Section 41A?” The lawyer also applied for Siegel’s bail. Upon hearing this, the Asansol CBI Special Court ordered the custody of the CBI till June 18.

According to court sources, the court has directed that any of his lawyers be present during the interrogation of Saigal. Saigal was taken out of Nizam’s Palace around 8 am on Friday and taken to Asansol CBI Special Court. Saigal was arrested by the CBI on Thursday after a five-hour interrogation. A few days ago, the CBI searched his house. Lots of documents, property documents were recovered.


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