Kolkata: The LIC Agent Murder was committed by slitting the throat of Salt Lake in the evening. The name of the deceased is Nirmal Majumdar. According to police sources, Nirmal Majumder, a 55-year-old resident of Mahishabathan area of ​​Khabar Salt Lake, is an LIC agent by profession.

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According to police sources, locals saw a man lying in a bloody state in the middle of Mahishabathan area on Monday evening. The news reached the Electronics Complex police station. When the police came and rescued the man and took him to Bidhannagar Hospital, the doctors declared him dead. According to hospital sources, the victim had a sharp weapon wound on his neck and multiple marks on his body.

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After a preliminary investigation, police suspect the man was stabbed in the neck with a sharp weapon. According to police sources, the man lived in a rented house in the middle of Mahishabathan. Police are investigating whether the killings were due to an old feud. Bidhannagar Electronics Police have started an investigation into who committed the murder. The body will be sent to RGK Hospital on Tuesday for autopsy.

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