#Kolkata: New Year’s special menu. Organized by The Comprehensive Area Development Corporation Limited. Day and night dipping the whole wrist and arranging food of different tastes. Even sitting at home again. As a result, even without going to the restaurant, you will get a balanced meal at home on the initiative of the panchayat office. Orders can be easily placed only on WhatsApp or phone. You can order today for New Year’s Pet Pujo.

Let’s take a look at what is on the menu? The lunch menu includes Dehradun rice, pickled pulses, potatoes, fried tao with poppy seeds again, one piece of steamed hilsa, 3 pieces of tanned tan chicken of Jhargram, chutney, pampar, two pieces of sweets and drink. If you spend only 500 rupees, you will get this lunch. However, those who want to eat Jhargram mutton instead of chicken will also get it. However, instead of hilsa in that plate will be 4 pieces of Jhargram mutton tan and one piece of curd katla. It will cost 500 rupees.

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However, if you want to invite someone to your house on New Year’s Day, you can get extra mutton or hilsa steamed. One piece of hilsa will cost 200 rupees and one plate of Jhargram mutton will cost 200 rupees. This was the arrangement of lunch. Let’s take a look at the night menu Only biryani will be available at night. A chicken biryani will cost 150 rupees. It will have 1 piece of chicken, 1 piece of egg and 1 piece of potato. And you can get mutton biryani for 175 rupees. It will have 1 piece mutton, 1 piece potato and 1 piece egg.

How to order all these foods? Order on WhatsApp at 8160694,9835929413,8970745202, 7290225859,9173125556. If you want to get the lunch menu, order by 8pm tonight. Dinner must be served by 10 am tomorrow. You will get lunch by 2 pm. You will get dinner by 8 pm. As a result, celebrate the New Year sitting at home. With balanced food of great taste. Dipping the wrist.

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