#Kolkata: Is school being dropped in the state? Or school-going students for other reasons? Knowing that, the state school education department is thinking of conducting a survey this time. The state school education department is going to conduct this circle based survey. According to sources, there are a total of 728 circles in the state. The State School Education Department wants to conduct a survey on each circle. This survey will be conducted under Sarva Shiksha Mission. Basically there are two to three circles under a block.

The reason for conducting circle-based surveys is being explained by the officials of the school education department, as the idea of ​​conducting circle-based surveys has started for the school-wide survey. In each district, the school education department has sent a message to the students who do not come to school to visit their homes. Meanwhile, teachers of schools in different districts are going to the homes of the students. According to the school education department, classes from ninth to twelfth grade have started but the attendance rate has been declining.

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According to sources, the average attendance in the last few days across the state is around 75 to 80 percent. In that case, the state wants to know the reason why the students do not want to go to school. According to sources, the school education secretary will hold a meeting with the school district inspectors of different districts on Wednesday evening. That meeting may give a detailed outline on this issue. On the other hand, the state has already decided to provide 100 days special curriculum from first class to twelfth class to prevent school dropouts.

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Basically that student has to read the current class as well as the previous two classes. The state school education department has also fixed a time limit of 100 days for him. This initiative can be very positive in order to prevent the school education department officials from dropping out of school.

Somraj Banerjee

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