School Pull Car: Pulkar disappears even after opening the school, what is the reason? You will be shocked to hear

#Kolkata: Pulkar was not seen on the way to the school. The schools that have their own buses are running but there is a lot of inconsistency on the way. As a result, students are having problems in coming and going to school. Pulka’s business has practically come to a standstill as the school has been closed for a long twenty months due to Corona.

Pulkar owners complained, ‘Even though they paid rent for a few months during the lockdown, most parents did not pay rent for months when the school was closed. But we have to pay the maintenance cost starting from the monthly salary of the Pulkar driver. ‘

Due to the partial opening of the school, it is not possible to bring down the pulkar at the moment due to insufficient number of students. As a result, the owners of Pulkar are in extreme financial crisis at the moment. Pulkar’s relationship with the school is complementary. But even after the school was opened, it was practically Bratya Pulkar.

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As there has been no demand for about four thousand pulkars in Kolkata and surrounding areas for almost two long years, they are now in a state of disrepair. Many Pulkar owners have sold cars. Due to the severe financial crisis, many finance companies have taken those vehicles into their custody to avoid paying EMI.

In this situation, the owners of the hands pull the head properly. Pulkars, who have been suffering from various problems including not getting rent from their parents for more than a year and a half, are just falling apart today. Some parents communicate after the school opens. However, since the whole class has not started yet, the number of students is much less.

At this time in Corona, many people are taking their children to school in their own vehicles. As a result, Pulkar’s business is practically booming. In this situation, the Pulkar Association has made a proposal to the government, if their Pulkars are used in the door ration project!

Already many owners have moved away from the Pulkar business and changed occupations. In this situation, the RG of Pulkar owner organization of the city to the government, to be by their side keeping in mind the current situation. If their vehicles are used by the government in the door ration project, then the vehicles will be in motion.

Sudip Dutt, secretary of the Pulkar Association, said the rate at which fuel prices have risen would not be enough to take a small number of students to school. Excluding other expenses, the cost of fuel will not go up. We have appealed to the government to save the Pulkars in many ways. I hope the government will listen to our problems and take necessary action.

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