School Reopening | Jalpaiguri Latest news | College has become a safe home, the challenge here is to start classes

# Jalpaiguri: The students of North are also happy with the direction of opening all schools and colleges. The college authorities have started vaccinating the students. The Board of Secondary Education has also directed the Higher Secondary Education Parliament to prepare guidelines.

The Chief Minister’s announcement is that the educational institutions including schools and colleges will be open from November 16. The Dhupguri Municipality and the college authorities have made arrangements for the vaccination of the college students in the concerned department. The first dose of the vaccine was given to 200 students of Dhupguri Girls College on the campus of Dhupguri Sukanta College on Tuesday. Since Safe Home has been set up at Dhupguri Girls College, all the work of Girls College is going on at Sukanta College Campus.

Rajesh Kumar Singh, Vice-Chairman of Dhupguri Municipality and Vijay Chandra Debnath, Principal of Girls College are supervising all the vaccination process. College authorities want all students to complete the vaccination process before the college opens. However, there are doubts as to whether the teaching of Dhupguri Girls College can be started in time even after the opening of the college. Because this girls college has coroner’s safe home.

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It is known that at the moment there are several corona affected. It remains to be seen whether Safehome can be relocated in just a few days. At the same time, it is quite challenging to disinfect all the colleges and start the colleges once again.

Sources said that the college authorities have informed the district administration about all the issues. Since the corona victims are kept in this college building, all the colleges need to be properly sanitized, said the principal of the college.

The students of the college are happy with the announcement of the opening of the college. Online classes have been going on for so long, they also want to come to college so that they can study properly. That is why they have come to give the vaccine as per the instructions of the college. It remains to be seen whether all students can be vaccinated before the college opens.

– Rocky Roy Chowdhury

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