School Reopening Today: The school is opening today

#Kolkata: The schools are going to open in the state from Tuesday. Even though the school was opened during the Corona period, a lot of changes can be noticed in almost every school this time. The school will now have an isolation room next to the first aid room.

This house will be seen in schools during Corona. This house means to keep yourself or yourself separate from everyone. Usually fever, cold-fever-cough but so far there was no such system. Doctors are not looking at fever-cough-cold among several samples of corona during coronal period. On Monday, Father Bikash Mandal of Don Bosco Park Circus spoke about the isolation center.

He said if a student develops corona-like symptoms or feels ill, he or she will be transferred to a newly-built isolation center within the school. The center has an oxygen system with four beds. There will be a doctor and a nurse in that room during school hours. In case of serious problem, telemedicine will be taken with the help of reputed doctors in the isolation center.

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The center is located in most schools in the city, such as Park Circus Don Bosco. In addition, the school authorities are giving utmost importance to sanitation. Sanitation and distance maintenance rules prevailed throughout the school on Monday before the school game on Tuesday. Classrooms have been changed. The number of seats in each house has been halved, almost all the schools have adopted this method to maintain distance rules. From Tuesday, however, students from class IX to class XII have been allowed to take classes.

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Park Circus Don Bosco has announced that the ninth and eleventh classes will be held for the time being as the tenth and twelfth classes are being examined. In that case ninth and eleventh class will be on different days for the protection of the students.

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