School University Reopening | The question of the future of millions of students, the school-university will open in accordance with this condition, the guideline was given by the state

#Kolkata: The state government has issued guidelines to clean the school and fix all the ancillary issues by October 31. The state government said in a statement that school, college and university teachers will be able to come from November.

The statement of the education department further said. Hostels have to be opened if needed. The state government has directed the district governors to nominate someone for the post of ADM-Education to be the nodal officer in different districts.

The state government has said that the concerned boards and universities will give academic guidelines on how schools and colleges will function and when examinations will be held. The state school is going to open from November 18, it was informed to CBSE, ICSC board.

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And that is why it is being said that everything has to be done by October 31, starting from cleaning the school. School, college and university teachers will be able to come from November 1.

Apart from this, the state government has also given guidelines on how to open the university. According to the official message, even if the hostel is opened, not all the students can be kept in the hostel together. Hostels should not be allowed to have Jamaat of more than one student at a time. The university has to formulate a policy so that there is no external outsider and no field work at this time. The guidelines also clearly state who will be in charge of the university. In all, 15 pages of guidelines have been given to schools and universities.

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