#Kolkata: The state school education department has made some preparations on how the school will be opened. Sources said that the state government does not want to bring all the students from class IX to class XII at the same time. A time may be set aside for students in a class, keeping in mind the Corona situation. In that case, it will not be possible for each school to have more than one student at a time.

In addition, there will be multiple classrooms for students to class. In other words, the number of classrooms will be increased for one class at a time.

1) Students will be brought to school step by step. In other words, the time will be given to the ninth class students and the class will not be taken by the eleventh class students at that time. That means the duration of one class will be different. There will be a certain number of teachers for him so that there is no problem in reading.

2) There will be a class with a small number of students in one classroom. So that students do not have to deposit more than one in the classroom. In that case, the state wants to have one student in each bench. One has more than one section of a class. Students in each section will be divided into multiple classrooms. So that more than one student cannot sit in a classroom at the same time.

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3) Consent must be obtained from the parents of the student who wants to take the class.

4) The parts on which the secondary and higher secondary examinations will be based will be taught first. In that case, the two boards may issue specific guidelines for him.

5) It has already been instructed to complete the work of sanitation including repair of classrooms. A certain number of teachers will be assigned in each school to monitor whether the students are abiding by the Karna rules. All in all, it is planned to start the school in this way. However, the Chief Minister will give the final seal on this proposal. Sources said the chief secretary may hold a meeting with the school education department on the issue later this week.

-Somraj Banerjee

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