Sealdah: Because coal, wagons saved from big accidents! Stagnation on the Sealdah-Bajwaj line

#Kolkata: The local trains of Sealdah-Bajwaj branch were closed from Tuesday afternoon till night. Due to which the passengers have to suffer a lot. After a long time, why couldn’t the wagon be removed from the line. The question began to arise. Another incident came to light while searching for the cause. As a result, Eastern Railway 6 demanded accountability from the ECL authorities

A letter has already been sent on behalf of Sealdah Division. According to Eastern Railway sources, the railway workers were spotted near Akra station and were saved from a major accident. The disaster struck on Tuesday, around 4 p.m. The coal-laden wagon was passing over the Akra station of the Sealdah-Bajwaj branch. According to railway sources, coal was coming to Kolkata from Asansol for CESC. The car was overloaded. While passing through Akra station, the wagon stopped without getting any signal. Examination shows that it is overloaded.

According to railway sources, coal has overheated in 12 bogies. According to railway sources, the freight train came to Durgapur from Asansol. 6 by loading coal in ECL shed It then enters the Sealdah South Section of the Sealdah Division via Dunkuni from Durgapur. The train was going from Akra to Nungi. At that time the train stopped at Bata bridge without getting any signal Seeing the condition of the freight train, the railway workers came to notice Officers of the Commercial Department were called. Engineers came.

They see that the coal is as high as a mountain Where the train stops. Bata Bridge is very close to it. The overhead on that bridge is much lower than his or her OHE. As soon as the wagon passed by with the extra coal, the electric wire would collide with the coal. This resulted in major accidents. So the train movement was stopped by power off Employees of the contractor company were called. They continue to unload coal. Although many locals took that extra coal away.

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Local train services were disrupted for the entire incident. There was no train from Sealdah to Bajwaj. The train was running till Majherhat and the train was returning to Sealdah from that station. During the busy time at the end of the office, the train movement was disrupted and the commuters faced major problems. After a long journey of about four hours, the train movement is normal. Trains are available at this branch for about 1 hour in a row. So the pressure of the passengers is high. During the busy time of Tuesday evening, the train did not run for 4 hours till the time of commotion. The pressure on the road to find an alternative way to return home continues to grow.

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According to Eastern Railway sources, the coal was reduced a bit as the car stopped at Akra station. Then the wagon was reopened sometime after eight o’clock at night. Local train traffic is also normal. The coal was going to the CESC unit. Rail has already demanded accountability of ECL. At the same time, the employees of the commercial department of the railway station in Durgapur have been sent for reply.

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