Kolkata: In 2019, TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) from Dharmatala was involved in a mishap while transporting Chandi towards Sealdah. The catastrophe occurred when the walls of the underground reservoir burst. Initially, after the panic subsided, the situation was brought under control and TBM Urbi was dispatched from Sealdah.

When TBM reached Urbi Boubazar, the work of TBM was completed with a short gap in the position facing TBM Chandi. It was decided that the rest of the work would be done without the help of TBM. After the collapse of Durga Pituri Lane at Boubazar, a 40x10X25 meter size cell was constructed on the Metro side in place of the houses involved in the accident. The cell was originally built for TBM lifting and other residual work. At the bottom of this cell were two TBMs. The work of removing the parts of TBM started from December 2021. The last part of TBM Urbir was taken out 3 weeks ago. Although the inner parts are removed, the metal shell is left inside the tunnel. Since then the work of cutting the remaining sensitive part between the two TBMs has been going on.

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According to Metro sources, the work on the Sealdah-Dharmatala metro tunnel would have been completed as soon as this work was completed. The work of cutting the soil and making cement walls and floors was also going on equally. But heavy rains lashed Calcutta. As a result (initial guess), the ground water level suddenly rises, and water starts rising from the bottom. Cracks were found in 5 adjoining houses. Three or four more houses were evacuated due to critical condition. About 80-90 people became homeless.

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After two and a half years, the horrible memories returned to the residents of the area. Amit Sen, a resident of 9 Durga Pituri Lane, said, “I was at the hotel for almost a year before the Metro tunnel collapse, again the same situation. So much trouble before the Metro started, who knows what will happen if it starts.”

Photo and special report: Sahnik Ghosh

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