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Sealdah Metro Station: The inauguration has not yet taken place, before that the name of Sealdah Metro Station was changed!


#Kolkata: Before the inauguration, co-branding of Sealdah metro station took place. Station Co-Branding Hall at an annual cost of Rs. 8 lakh 50 thousand.

Station Co-Branding Hall for the next 3 years. The new name of the station is DTDC Sealdah Metro. The company will be able to use the entire station area.

The answer to the question of when the metro station will be inaugurated is still unknown.

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Rail wants to give the right of name to private universities, banks, insurance companies, health care companies. The tender was published in this regard. The name of the corporate company will sit before the name of Sealdah metro station. There will be their kiosk.

Esplanade, Central Park, Dumdum, Noapara and Salt Lake Stadium will also be given the title rights. Before the inauguration, Metro Rail called for a tender to give the branding rights of Sealdah Metro Station to a private company.

The name of the company will be associated with the name of Sealdah as the name of the company is finalized. Wherever the name Sealdah is written, the name of the organization will be used. The company logo can also be used.

Each door will have name and logo. Even within the station area, the 1500 sq ft area can be used by the concerned companies for their own marketing. Can keep kiosks and other branding items.

Despite receiving final clearance from the Commissioner of Railway Safety on March 25 this year, the Sealdah station has yet to be opened. Sources said that the inauguration did not take place as the Railway Board did not have a date.

According to the rules, the Sealdah Metro must be launched within three months of getting permission, i.e. by June 25. But before that, the Kolkata Metro wants to tie the knot.

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That work was completed in the Metro building that day. Eklavya Chakraborty, chief public relations officer of Metro Rail, said the inauguration was being discussed day by day. The station is ready.

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