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Sealdah Metro Station: When will the Sealdah Metro Station be inaugurated? Who will inaugurate?


Kolkata: The Metro Railway Authority may again apply for permission of the Commissioner of Railway Safety to reopen the Sealdah station. The term of the Commissioner of Railway Safety ends on June 23. Approval was given to launch passenger service on March 23. The service has to be launched within 3 months. There are 3 days left till the end of three months. But there is still no certainty about the inauguration. As a result, an application may be made to the Commissioner of Railway Safety. Metro Rail looking at the Railway Board with the inauguration.

In mid-March, the Commissioner of Railway Safety visited the station. He also mentioned a number of changes in his report. It is changed accordingly. Finally, the Commissioner of Railway Safety allowed the opening of Sealdah Metro Station for passenger transport. Although three months have passed, the inauguration has not taken place. At first it was decided that the inauguration would take place on April 11, but that did not happen. Later one day after another. As a result, when it will be inaugurated, there is a complication. However, according to the latest news, the Sealdah metro station may be inaugurated soon.

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Who will inaugurate Sealdah Metro Station? According to railway sources, the prime minister should inaugurate this important metro station like Sealdah. The Prime Minister’s Office was in touch with the Ministry of Railways in this regard However, his next step is still unknown. According to another source, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav will inaugurate the Sealdah metro station. As a result, the Railway Board and the Ministry kept in touch.

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Metro General Manager Arun Aurora said, “We are in constant touch with the Railway Board. Passenger service will start as soon as they give permission. ” The deadline will end next day. As a result, we have to look again, waiting for the approval of the Commissioner of Railway Safety

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