#Kolkata: Controversy is raging over the schools around one of the city’s most prominent groups. The court has already intervened in the controversy over the salary. This time three private schools run by a ‘special’ industrial group in Kolkata are at the center of the discussion (Kolkata School Controversy). The parents brought new charges against these three schools. Earlier, all the three schools were closed due to the arrears dispute. Since then, there has been a rift between the parents and the school authorities. In this situation, the school authorities took unprecedented steps. He requested the parents to pay the fee on the report card of the students. And so the debate started again.

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Incidentally, the school authorities closed the doors of the three schools indefinitely in the face of continuous protests by parents outside the school gates over the arrears of fees. But even after the school reopened, only fully paid students were allowed to enter. The court later made it clear that all students would have to be allowed to enter the school, whether their salaries were paid or not. Even though the school was reopened on Tuesday, the controversy did not subside.

This time the parents of many students of the three schools complained that the school authorities had given report cards to the children. However, the message has been given mentioning the payment of arrears. In this situation, the question of the aggrieved parents is whether there is any mention of fees in the school report card. According to them, they have paid the school fees in compliance with the court order. Then why did the school authorities write this on the report card?

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On the other hand, there are different views among parents. According to some of them, it is the students who are being harmed as a result of the demonstrations in front of the school and the closure of the school. In the words of Lopa Roy Chowdhury, mother of 10th class student, “We have admitted the children to this school knowing the salary structure. Now what is the point of saying so much to pay the salary?” He countered, “On the school’s foundation day, the students are given gifts from this school.”

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According to some parents, the children have barely seen the face of the school after the school was closed for two years. In this situation, it is meaningless to ruin the school environment by such movements and protests. Instead, parents should cooperate with the school authorities by paying the arrears. Parents are already divided over the fee controversy. It remains to be seen which way the tide of controversy will turn in the coming days.

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