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several children of gardenrich and metiabruz area affected by chicken pox – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: In the city of Kolkata, more than one child was infected with chicken pox at the same time and was admitted to Beleghata ID Hospital. But is chicken pox returning to Kolkata? Concerned health department of Kolkata Municipality. The Calcutta Municipality will launch a special awareness next week.

Most of the children infected with chicken pox and measles are from Gardenrich-Metiaburuj area. Every Wednesday, children are vaccinated at the Kolkata Municipal Health Center. Reluctance to get vaccinated is increasing in this area. Deputy Mayor of Kolkata Atin Ghosh expressed concern over the growing reluctance not only to vaccinate against measles but also against polio.

The municipality will launch a special awareness campaign next Thursday. Earlier also, Kolkata Municipality had achieved results by conducting social awareness campaign on polio vaccination. Atin Ghosh, deputy mayor of Kolkata and acting mayor of the health department, said: This area is the seat of Mayor Firhad Hakim’s own assembly. Next Thursday, the mayor himself and officials of the health department of Calcutta Municipality will be present. Awareness will be spread in that area. The importance of vaccination against various viral diseases, including chicken pox, will be emphasized.

Atin Ghosh added, “Several children in the area have been infected with polio before. Awareness was spread at that time. Even at that time, the polio vaccine was found in Hatena. This time Calcutta Municipality is going to walk that path. The Kolkata Municipality is going to take a special awareness campaign next Thursday, June 2.


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