Kolkata: Due to family disputes, the situation is tense in the area of ​​Tiljala Hanuman Temple (Kolkata News). The whole area was engulfed in bloodshed by cutting off one’s left hand with a sharp weapon. With another injured. Allegedly, three rounds of bullets were fired. There were also allegations of bombings. Due to the quarrel between the two sides, not only the policemen of the police station but also the DC of the police came to the spot with a huge police force.

It is learned that Ramoda Roy and Ramnaresh Roy are two brothers. The two live next to the scene. Both have children and grandchildren in the family. Although Ramoda and Ramnaresh have a good relationship, their children have a good relationship with each other. Ramoda has 6 sons. One of them died while stealing iron in a factory 3 years ago.

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Jivadha, Binod, Prakash, Shivadha, Ribadha are these five boys. Each of them has been identified as a criminal in the police register. On the other hand, Ramnaresh’s sons are Devkumar Roy and Abodh Roy. Devkumar’s son is Raju Roy. Each of them made a living by trading beds, etc. Earlier, there was a problem with Ramoda’s boys over that bed (Kolkata News). However, this problem is long. Jibdha borrowed fifty thousand rupees from Raju for a promotion in the area.

He promised to return two and a half lakh rupees to Raju when the work is completed. He was not giving that money even today. Yesterday, when he asked Jivadha to return the money, Jivadha and Binodra started trouble at night. That problem spread to Tiljala (Kolkata News) police station. This morning a fight broke out between the two sides (Tiljala Firing). Raju’s left arm was severely amputated by the weapon of the beast. When he came to save her, her father Dev Kumar’s hand was also cut off. He was immediately taken to hospital for treatment. From there Raju was shifted to a private hospital.

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Huge police force came to the spot. Meanwhile, one person was shot dead in Regent Park area yesterday. This morning the finger is being pointed at the administration in the incident of Tiljala Firing. The only question is, from an administrative point of view like Kolkata, how can illegal firearms and firearms fall into the hands of miscreants in Atosato city? That raises the question.

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