#Kolkata: The ‘referrer’ disease has tied up hospitals in Kolkata with asterisks. This time again his pattern is in the city. The dying patient had been lying in front of the office of the hospital superintendent for a long time as he had not been able to bring patients from outside and visit three hospitals in Kolkata since yesterday.

Then the patient is admitted after coming to the notice of the higher authorities. The question is, if there is no bed in the hospital, how did the patient get the bed in the end? What is the admission or hall? Arti Malakar (45) lives in Ranaghat Coopers Camp. He had been suffering from stomach ache for some time (Kolkata News). He was first treated at Ranaghat Sub-Divisional Hospital. After falling seriously ill again a few days ago, with only saline for three days, the doctors transferred Aarti Devi to Kalyani Hospital. After three days of treatment there, the patient started vomiting blood and black stools. The family members first brought him from Kalyani Hospital to PG Hospital yesterday morning.

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Advises PG Emergency (Kolkata News) to see a doctor outdoors. The patient’s condition gradually became critical. After not being admitted to the doctor outdoors. The doctors referred him from that hospital. From there he was taken straight to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College Hospital around 7 pm. Aarti Devi’s son Prosenjit repeatedly requested that the vomiting of blood be stopped with treatment. But the rules are left. So the patient was referred to Chittaranjan Medical College Hospital again. That alarming patient stays in Chittaranjan Hospital all night.

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Later, his family members brought him back to Nilratan Sarkar Hospital at 11 am on Friday. The same condition of the patient is seen there too. After that, at the request of the media, the hospital super sat down. He immediately asked the patient to be admitted to the emergency room. The patient is immediately admitted and his treatment begins. The question is, where did the hospital beds come from this time? In this way, patients from outside Kolkata have to come and be harassed in the famous hospitals of the city.

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