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SFI | Social Media || CPIM wants to lend a hand in social media promotion, thinking of training is going on


#Kolkata: The lion’s share of the new generation is dependent on social media. And the CPM wants to use this in propaganda. Although it has been used in a number of programs, including elections, the party is trying to increase that debt. And so the process of involving the students and youth of the group more and more through social media has started. The goal is to improve the staff, especially technically. On 1 June, a convention was organized in Patuli on behalf of Goriya Jadavpur Regional Committee on behalf of SFI. The convention was inaugurated by SFI State Assistant Secretary Shubhjit Sarkar and was attended by SFI State Leaders Abhinandan Dattagupta and Ramiz Raja.

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Shubhjit Sarkar said, “In the coming days, social media should be taken seriously and this medium should be used to spread the word of organization and ideology. We welcome the initiative of this local committee and hope that our workers all over the state will be encouraged in this endeavor.” Abhinandan Dattagupta said, “Now most of the people know how to use social media. They use it. Especially the younger generation feel comfortable using this medium. In this way we have been able to stand by the people. So this time we will use this medium to spread our message among the people. Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp are used more and more. The people of the part are not left out. “

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The team has repeatedly discussed to strengthen social media. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. That is what Alimuddin Street wants to do on a larger scale. In the words of a CPM leader, “Other political parties use social media extensively. This is done with the help of professional bodies. It costs a lot of money. We will not walk on the streets. Our children are also doing this skillfully. The training is a guarantee that they will do better than many. There are many creative, hardworking, skilled children among them who will teach the rest. “


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