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Shah couple’s mobile rescued, Bhabanipur twin murder will be untangled? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Mystery is getting deeper as time goes by in Bhabanipur twin murders Police were desperate to get the whereabouts of the slain Shah couple’s mobile phones since Monday night. Even though the mobile was on till noon on Tuesday after spending Monday night, it was not possible to recover the mobile in any way.

A mobile phone was recovered from a manhole near a well-known hotel in Dalhousie Square during a police raid on Tuesday night. Investigators are hopeful that the mobile phone could uncover a lot of unknown information in the Bhabanipur double murder case. Police found out after talking to Shah’s family that Ashok Shah did not tell the family much about his business. So, after looking at the call data recorder of that phone, the police started searching for who was called or whose phone came.

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After Tuesday, several top officials of Lalbazar were also seen at Bhabanipur police station on Wednesday. Ashok Shah’s daughter spoke to IPS officers on Wednesday. Police found out that Ashok Shah had been worried for several days. He originally planned the marriage of his youngest daughter

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From that source, the question of the investigators, did Ashok Shah want to sell the flat just to raise money for his daughter’s wedding? Or did he plan to do something else with that money? Although the bank account number is in the check of one lakh rupees received in advance for the sale of the flat, the police are trying to contact the buyer of the flat on the basis of the source. However, investigators estimate that two or more people may have been behind the killings.

According to police sources, the assailants had chosen the time with perfect planning as the area was empty for the death of one person on Monday afternoon and most of the locals were with the family of the deceased. Police believe that the criminals managed to escape by using that time.

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