#Kolkata: The lower echelons of the party do not have confidence in the state leadership? Is that why the state BJP has to repeatedly call Modi-Shah to turn the party around? This is the question being raised by a section of the party before the royal visit to the state.

Modi’s general Amit Shah is coming on a two-day visit to the state from May 5 to 6. Officially, Amit’s visit was mainly on the occasion of the Border Security Force. However, at the request of the state leadership, he has to hold public meetings in North Bengal and organizational meetings in Calcutta.

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The BJP is not at ease after winning 18 seats in the state in the 19th Lok Sabha polls and North Bengal in the 21st Assembly polls. After the return of Trinamool to power in the state, North Bengal is no longer the average of that BJP. The graph of BJP is coming down in South Bengal including Jangalmahal. Along with him, the BJP has been embroiled in a domestic dispute due to organizational reshuffle.

Some are demanding implementation of NRC, some are openly demanding partition of Bengal and making the Center uneasy. As a result, the BJP, which won six assembly seats and became the main opposition party in the state, lost in the by-elections. In this situation, the panchayat vote will be held in the state next year. If the party is not fielded before then, it will be difficult to find a party with 16 seats in the state in the 24th Lok Sabha polls. Realizing this, Delhi has instructed the leadership to leave the party quarrel and unite.

However, part of the party is angry with Delhi’s directive. Even if they don’t say it publicly, they want to make it clear that the center has to take the responsibility of 21. Even after the result, the center has pushed the party organization in the state to the edge of the abyss by making a sudden change in the state organization. As a result, it is up to the central leadership to come forward.

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Recently, Dilip Ghosh had a meeting with All India President JP Naddar in Delhi about the party’s organizational entanglement. Today, Dilip said, “I have told Naddaji that there is no more preoccupation with the elections in five states, including Uttar Pradesh. This time Pathak is the permanent observer for the Central State. Come to the central leadership state “After that Dilip’s addition, ” now Amit Shah is coming. Then Nadda will come. The Prime Minister will also come.”

According to observers, Dilip actually killed Nadda by saying this to Nadda in one fell swoop. Leaders like Kailash Vijayavargiya, Shiv Prakash, who virtually left the state and headed for Delhi soon after the results of the Assembly polls, were given the message. Dilip Shah has asked Amit Shah to bring Modi back to the field as it is not possible to pull the party out of this situation with the current ruling leadership of the state.

However, according to Dilip, “Modi, Shahra is the icon of the country. Leaders and workers of all levels of the party will be more excited when Amit Shah comes. That is why we have asked the central leadership to come.”

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