Shakespeer Sarani Shootout: Shocking information about the accused

#Kolkata: In the Shakespeare Sarani Shootout, on the way back from the abandonment, there is a dispute between the two sides centering on the car and bike rivalry. Swearing and quarreling between the businessman and the accused The businessman got out of the car, slapped his collar, pulled the collar and fired at the main accused sitting on the back of the bike, claimed the detectives (Kolkata Police). The accused are residents of Baliganj, Lake and Rabindra Sarobar areas of South Kolkata

A man has been arrested in connection with the shooting of businessman Pankaj Singh in the Shakespeare Sarani Shootout. Dhrita’s name is Ranit Gupta alias Bangi Ranit was arrested at the crossing of Hazra Road and Sarat Bose Road Online food delivery boy by profession He is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital after undergoing surgery

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How exactly did the Shakespeare Sarani Shootout happen?

Ganesh Pujo on Deodar Street in Balliganj was abandoned around 10 pm on Sunday. The accused were riding bikes with the procession The bike collided with Pankaj’s car as it was passing through Park Circus and AJC Bose Road. Blasphemy between the two sides The accused bike rider was intoxicated Then, when Gorky reached the house, the quarrel escalated The businessman got out of the car and slapped the scooter rider Ranit, pulling his collar The trouble between the two sides begins As soon as Ranit’s sailors came, the trouble increased He then shot at an accused businessman sitting on the back of the bike The accused then fled the area

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Police identified the accused after watching CCTV footage Officers from the Kolkata Police’s Hooligan Suppression Branch took charge of the Shakespeare Street Police investigation. Detectives are searching for the rest of the accused The accused are all out of the area There was no prior plan behind this There is no business animosity or old enmity Investigators claim that Shakespeare Sarani Shootout took place in the hit of the moment.


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