#Kolkata: The celebration of Mother’s Day first started in America. Since 1900. Of course, this special day is also mentioned in the myths of many countries. A woman named Anna Jarvis prayed a special prayer in the church on this day to honor her mother. Then in 1924, the then President Woodrow Wilson recognized the day as Mother’s Day. This is where the celebration of this special day begins around the world. Nowadays, due to the wealth of social media, the interest in celebrating this special day has increased a lot.

And Amri Hospital celebrated this International Mother’s Day in a completely different way. On Saturday, the mothers of various achievements in the world of Bengali sports were honored at Mukundpur of Amri Hospital. Basanti Mandal, the mother of Hira Mandal, who has performed well for East Bengal in the newly-formed ISL, the Indian national football team, and Rubia Bibi, the mother of footballer Mohammad Rafique, were greeted by their sons.

In an exceptional way, another mother, Jamuna Das, a popular ‘lozenge aunty’ on the football field of Maidan, was organized by footballers Hira Mandal and Mohammad Rafiq. Although not the mother of any of them, Jamuna Das was known as the mother of all the people of Maidan. Hira Mandal and Mohammad Rafiq could not hold back their tears when they went to greet him. Mithali Ghosh, the mother of Olympic and National Rifle Shooting Champion Mehuli Ghosh, was also felicitated by Mehuli herself. Papia Karke, identified as ‘Maa Annapurna’, was also felicitated to millions of destitute people. At present, Papia Devi provides food to over 100 destitute people every day. He also runs a school for children on the sidewalk next to the tram depot in Esplanade.

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Speaking on the occasion, Rupak Barua, CEO of Amri Hospital, said, “Every day of the year is actually Mother’s Day. There is no point in celebrating any day separately. However, we are very happy and proud to organize these special mothers.” And the guide. Every friend in life, there is no substitute for helping the mother in the winding path. We pay our respects to all the mothers of the world. “

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