#Kolkata: The State Election Commission will keep a close watch on the situation in Corona in preparation for the Kolkata municipal elections The aim of the commission is to ensure that the transmission does not increase in any way during the voting process For this, they are taking the help of the state health department

According to commission sources, they will start monitoring the Corona situation 18 days before the pre-poll For this, the commission will take daily report from the health department The Commission and the Health Department will hold a special Covid camp at each sector office three to four days before the polls. Voters who have not yet received the second dose of vaccine will be vaccinated at the same camp.

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Even after this, if any voter is affected during the voting, the commission will arrange for them to be brought to the booth to cast their vote. For this, there will be three ambulances in each borough of Kolkata Municipality The commission will arrange for ambulances to bring the affected voters to the booth in the last hour of polling. The commission has also instructed to abide by the Covid rules in the field of campaigning and nomination of candidates

In addition to this, the commission increased the spending limit of the candidates during the election campaign period The commission has allowed an increase of about 40 per cent in municipal areas and about 35 per cent in public areas. In other words, in 2013, a candidate used to spend Rs 8 per voter, now he can spend Rs 8 there.

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