shootout at kolkata on Panchami Evening at red road area | Shots were fired in the evening! – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: In Kolkata (Kolkata News) on the eve of Mahapanchami, the sound of gunfire spread intense tension. The incident took place in the Red Road area. Tensions have risen in the area over the incident. Maidan Police (Kolkata News) has already reached the spot (Firing on Red Road). The investigation has started. A search is on for the accused.

According to police sources, a coach of the West Bengal Basketball Association (Kolkata News) was training some people in front of the tent of the West Bengal Basketball Association on Red Road at the time of the incident on Sunday evening. At that time, two unidentified persons came to the coach on a motorbike and said that they wanted to learn to play basketball. They also said that they want to talk about it.

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The bikers suddenly fired into the air (Firing on Red Road). After that he ran away from there. No one was injured in the shooting. Tensions are running high in the area over the incident.

The matter was immediately reported to Maidan Police Station (Firing on Red Road). Investigators have already visited the spot. According to sources, no source has been identified from the spot yet. The fate of the accused did not match. Police said an investigation has already been launched into the incident. What caused these shots? Police have launched an investigation to find out whether it was an old feud or something else.

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A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that two persons came on a motorbike in the Red Road area on Sunday and opened fire in the air. However, no one was injured in the incident, police sources said. Police are investigating the incident and searching for the bikers. However, the role of the police is naturally in question in this incident in the heart of Khas Kolkata on the fifth day.

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