Shootout at Kolkata: Shootout around businessmen in Kolkata at night, Bollywood movies will lose!

#Kolkata: Shootout again in Kolkata (Kolkata News). This time, the way a businessman from Howrah was shot in Kolkata at night, it will also defeat Bollywood movies. The incident took place on Sunday night, in front of Gorky Sadan near Minto Park in central South Kolkata. According to police sources, the miscreants shot at Pankaj Singh, a businessman from Howrah.

It is learned that the car of the businessman was first surrounded in a Bollywood style. The two sides have been arguing for some time. Meanwhile, the miscreants suddenly shot at the businessman. But luckily, the bullet hit the businessman in the shoulder. Pankaj Singh was rushed to CMRI Hospital. According to the initial investigation, the police had planned to shoot at the businessman. Similar allegations have been made by his family and relatives.

It is learned that Pankaj Singh, 38, is a big businessman from Howrah. The incident happened on the way back from a friend’s house. Late at night, four or five bikes came and blocked the road in front of Gorky Sadan. There were three miscreants on each bike. As soon as Pankaj Singh’s car was stopped, miscreants came from the bike and surrounded the car. Pankaj Singh got out of the car as soon as the miscreants surrounded him. The argument with the miscreants begins. Meanwhile, eyewitnesses claimed that a miscreant pulled out a revolver and fired. Pankaj Singh was shot in the shoulder.

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His friends rushed him to the CMRI hospital. The businessman is undergoing treatment there. Shakespeare’s Sarni police launched an investigation as soon as they came to know about the incident. According to police sources, footage from every CCTV camera in the area is being scrutinized. However, the police are not yet sure about the exact reason for the shooting. Whether this incident is due to business animosity or some other mystery is being investigated. According to police sources, Pankaj Singh has a big promoting business in Howrah. That is why it is initially being speculated that such an incident may have taken place. According to his family sources, Pankaj Singh had been at loggerheads with some people over business for some time. The police are looking into all aspects.

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