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#Kolkata: After ‘Talk to Mayor’, this time ‘Show Your Mayor’ is starting This was announced by Firhad Hakim after taking oath for the second time as the mayor. Under the new system, city dwellers will be able to WhatsApp the city of Kolkata directly by taking a picture of any problem related to full service. After resolving the issue, his picture will be taken and sent to the complainant on behalf of the municipality

Firhad Hakim started a talk-to-mayor service every Saturday for the first time as mayor. Where the city dwellers could complain directly to the mayor by phone That’s how the ‘Show Your Mayor’ service is starting

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Firhad Hakim said, “My WhatsApp number will be given on the screen outside my house. The road is bad, anyone can send me a picture of any problem like garbage removal I will send that picture to the concerned officer If the problem is solved, his picture will be taken and sent to the complainant So that he can understand what happened and what happened. ‘

Firhad Hakim further said that Kolkata Municipality will lean towards app based and online based services as directed by the Chief Minister. Firhad said all the necessary services like approval of building plan, connection of new water, mutation, birth and death certificate will be available through the municipality app.

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Besides, the parking system will also be brought under the app to prevent corruption Firhad also said that the promise of the Trinamool Congress manifesto would focus on solving the problem of stagnant water in Kolkata and reducing air pollution.

Besides, expert opinion will also be taken to reduce visual pollution, said Firhad He said that in order to reduce the visual pollution, experts would look into the number of advertisement hoardings that could be put up on any street. Firhad also said that the wires would be removed from the roads of Kolkata to reduce visual pollution.

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