#Kolkata: After Durga Pujo, the state BJP is eager to celebrate ‘New Year’ this time. The Bengali New Year will be celebrated on the first day of Boishakh on April 15 at the party’s election office in Hastings. Apart from the BJP leaders and workers, the BJP has already invited dignitaries of the society to join the festival. News from BJP sources,

The event was originally scheduled to take place at the ICCR auditorium in Salt Lake City, but was later rescheduled for a special occasion at the Hastings Electoral Office.

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At the forefront of the holy Boishakh program is the touch of Bengali culture. Apart from the BJP leadership, many renowned artists and artisans will also take part in the cultural program. At the end of the program there is also a system of eating leaves. The menu has been decided in full Bengali. What’s on the New Year’s menu?

According to BJP sources, there will be special surprises in the Bengali New Year diet. There will be special sweets along with rice, dry, two-four kinds of fried, shrimp, fish, young goat meat, chutney, pamper in the earthen dish. Though the New Year celebrations were brainwashed by BJP state president Sukant Majumdar, Rudranil Ghosh and Sumon Bandyopadhyay have been given the responsibility on behalf of the party.

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However, the political turmoil has started since the BJP’s New Year celebrations came to light. In the opinion of some sections of the opposition, whether it is Durga Pujo or New Year celebrations, none of these can be the culture of any political party. By doing all this before the election, the BJP camp is desperate to try to sharpen the Bengali sentiments. After the defeat in the Assembly elections, now the BJP’s New Year is a failed strategy to win Bengali support in the forthcoming Panchayat and Lok Sabha elections. However, the BJP state president refused to accept the opposition’s argument.

In this context, Balurghat MP and state BJP president Sukant Majumder said, ‘New Year’s celebration is an intensive addition to the Bengali society. Political parties are not out of society either. Bengali festival, party festival too. So we plan to celebrate the New Year. Not only political activists will be participating in this festival, we have also invited many renowned artists and geniuses. To those who say that we are desperate to prove Bangaliana, we would like to inform that Shyamaprasad Mukherjee who is a Bengali, his pictures, statues are carefully kept in all the BJP offices all over India, he is also honored. But it is often difficult to find Netaji’s pictures in the offices of other political parties. From now on, Banga BJP will celebrate this event every New Year.

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