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Singer KK’s Death || ‘Is this also a heart problem?’ Many are rushing to the doctor in panic after KK’s death


#Kolkata: Chest pain for a long time. It was going on without any importance. Suddenly, on Wednesday, Samar Maiti, a teacher by profession, came to consult a cardiologist. Sweating a little again. Feeling unbearably hot. For so long, Divya was leaving at home. Businessman Sadhan Roy is worried about the news of KK’s death. He ran to the doctor. There are many such examples of ordinary people visiting cardiologists in different hospitals in Kolkata.

Why? Samar Maiti said, “I have been suffering from chest pain for several days now. I used to buy medicine from the drug store thinking it was a gas pain. It would have worked. There is no harm in showing up. If you follow the doctor’s instructions, you can stay healthy. ” Sadhan Roy said, “What would happen to a famous person like KK if this happened to us? It is better to consult a doctor before going into sudden danger. If KK had been taken to the hospital a little earlier, the artist might have survived. If only he had known himself before! “

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Khokon Das wants to quit smoking. He also wants to consult a doctor. “There is no problem. But it can happen later. So if we can be careful in advance, it can be much better. It seemed like a long time ago. But I am scared of KK’s death like this. I quit smoking. But it’s been a long time. I can’t quit. So I want to see a doctor. ” However, health-conscious people are seeing positive aspects in raising awareness. According to them, if you are a little aware in advance. If you can control the food. With regular exercise and regular checkups, many diseases can be prevented.

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Cardiologist Dr. Dhiman Kahali said, “Some people came. One of them was a young professor at IIT. I told him you have no worries. One. So we have to adhere to a lifestyle. We have to lead a disciplined life. There are other things to do. For example, we don’t touch tobacco. If we have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, we need to control it. If I get fat, I have to reduce it. “


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