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#Kolkata: Ranu Mandal of Ranaghat came to the limelight by singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song “Ek Peer Ka Nagma Hai” while sitting at the station. Then suddenly got a golden opportunity to set foot in Bollywood. Reached the city of Mumbai in the hands of friendly netizens. Ranu also recorded songs with Himesh Reshammiya after moving to Mumbai. Although he is no longer seen in playback singing, he is back in the limelight. Surelakanthi Ranu Mandal cannot return if anyone requests to go and sing.

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Ranu Mandal is currently living in the midst of scarcity. However, Ranu has no shortage of happiness even if she spends her days in poverty. There is always a smile on the face and a melody on the throat. Even though he doesn’t get a chance in Bollywood now, he doesn’t seem to regret it. Instead, he tries to be happy in the situation he is in. Whenever he goes to a YouTuber, he chats with them and eats and drinks. Du-kali also listened to old songs while cooking. Sometimes Mohammad Rafi is a familiar song of Kishore Kumar.

Recently, he went viral by singing again. Kishore Kumar’s song ‘Rahi Naya Naya’ impressed everyone. The Bengali version of this song is “The world has changed, which looks new.” Singing the Hindi version of this popular song, he has come up in the headlines again.

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The video has been posted from an Instagram page called “Bong teenagers” where it is seen that Ranu Mandal sang after the night in her home clothes. He posted this video and the caption reads “You can hate Anna but you can’t hate her singing voice.” Incidentally, many viewers have been angry with Ranu for her behavior. He has also been criticized on Netmahal. But there is no doubt that his talent cannot be ignored.

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