#Kolkata: The Assembly Agitation erupted on Monday at the beginning of the budget session in protest of the BJP. The situation was such that the governor could not give his speech completely. He can only read the first and last sentence of the speech. After that, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (CM Mamata Banerjee) burst into condemnation. He termed the incident as a shame of democracy and slammed the BJP. In this context, Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday reacted to the incident of today’s assembly. He said that what has happened has been fixed. Democracy is being killed where there is no one to listen to allegations of violence, the opposition has no place in democracy, no place to speak. “

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Responding to the ruling party’s sarcasm over alleged chaos in the assembly, Dilip Ghosh said, “Standing in the assembly, he chanted slogans and claimed that this is the way. Fighting, throwing paper, they are teaching us democracy today. They have to bear it. “

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Note that the budget session begins on Monday. According to tradition, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar was to deliver the inaugural address. Earlier, BJP MLAs started protesting in the assembly hall. The governor sat in the speaker’s seat and observed the situation for some time. Meanwhile, the level of protests continues to rise. The BJP (Bengal BJP) has been raising the issue of unrest in the municipal elections. Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari was in the lead. Due to this protest, Jagdeep Dhankhar tried to leave the assembly. Later, he read the first and last line of the speech and left.

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