#Kolkata: “We want good governance in the state. We want to start that change with Kolkata. We want to spread it slowly across the state.” BJP’s all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh made such a demand during the Kolkata pre-poll campaign. Kolkata Municipal Election on 19th December. Now the campaign is in full swing across the city. In this situation, Dilip Ghosh started campaigning on Sunday and raised his voice against Mamata Banerjee’s government.

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BJP’s all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh is optimistic about the polls. He said on Sunday, “The BJP wants to build a modern Kolkata.” At the same time, he raised the slogan, “You will change, we will give alternatives.” On the same day, Dilip Ghosh said, “We want the problem of Kolkata to be solved. CPIM has run for many years. Then Trinamool Congress for about 15 years. But the minimum problem has not been solved yet. And there is corruption with it. The big corporations of the country run BJP. We have the experience. So we want to serve the people. “

On this day, Dilip Ghosh once again became vocal about Mamata Banerjee’s Lakshmi Bhandar project. In his words, “Didi has planted a money tree, you will give 5000 rupees to the women of Goa. First give 500 rupees to the girls of the state.” Dilip Ghosh further said that Didi had called for the movement not to take money by standing in line at the banknotes, and today she has made the Lakshmi of the state stand in line from morning till night.

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Besides, Dilip once again raised the issue of corruption. He said, “Where is the money of Amphan? I have to eat Kanmala from the court. Didi is being threatened by the High Court every day, yet there is no shame.” Dilip Ghosh also refuted the Mamata Banerjee government’s demand for development of Kolkata and Bengal. In his words, “You have to swim in the rain and have trouble getting hot water. After 10 years in power, the Trinamool is making a proclamation again? What proclamation? Promise to exploit again for 5 years!”

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