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Smartphone Thief in Kolkata: Police caught the thief, rescued 26 mobiles, has your smartphone been snatched?


#Kolkata: Many people from Sealdah station premises, bus stops or different areas of the market complained of mobile theft. Mobiles were often snatched from the pockets of many in their busyness.

After the complaint was lodged at the police station, the officers were quite worried about the stolen mobile phone. Day after day the complaints went to the watch section of Lalbazar, Kolkata police. As soon as the news came, the matter started to be taken seriously. Mobile thieves are planned to be caught.

Complaints show that mobiles are disappearing from populated areas i.e. markets, bus stops and station premises. Mobile theft is more common in the morning and afternoon. The operation started after the white-clad police patrolled the area from time to time.

Police recovered a lot of mobiles late last week. Sub-inspectors Sushovan Pike and Nilendu Ghoshal were patrolling near Sealdah station on a tip-off. Led by a team from the Watch Section of the Intelligence Department.

The entire operation was overseen by Pradeep Kumar Ghoshal, a skilled officer in charge of the Watch Section. As a result, two persons, Ansbrul Haque alias Bappa and Mehboob Alam alias Guddu, were caught by the police.

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After searching, 26 Android mobile phones were confiscated from the accused. A search revealed that they were stolen goods. Two people were arrested in Hatena. New information came up after arresting the two accused.

After interrogation, it was learned that these two used to steal phones in crowded places like markets, bus stands and railway stations. The owners of the recovered mobiles are being searched The police. Besides, investigations are also underway into the complaints regarding lost mobiles filed in different police stations. The court has ordered to keep the two accused in police custody till November 29. With so many mobiles being recovered at once, many people are waiting for the police to return the mobiles.

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