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Soma Das to be appointed within seven days, directed by State School Education Department – News18 Bangla


After Nabanna, the state school education department issued guidelines stating that Soma Das should be appointed as a teacher within seven days. A letter to this effect has been sent to Acharya Sadan. The letter, signed by the school education department, said Soma Das, who was diagnosed with cancer, had to be recruited within seven days of receiving the letter. Soma Das, daughter of Nalhati of Birbhum, said after receiving Nabanna’s order, “I would be happy if my comrades-in-arms were employed with me. Because the fight has been with all of us ৷ each of us. Everyone on the panel will have a job. “

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For the last 14 months, there has been a sit-in protest at the foot of the Gandhi statue for the ninth to twelfth class job seekers of SSC. One of them is Soma Das, a resident of Birbhum. Soma, who is suffering from cancer, turned down a job offer from Justice Abhijit Ganguly in the Calcutta High Court. Recently, Justice Gangopadhyay requested the Secretary of the School Education Department to consider the matter. That is how Soma was hired.

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Somar was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. The huge cost of treatment! In the meanwhile, the weavers can’t afford to pay for the treatment in this situation. But he did not break! Didn’t stop dreaming! He did not give up his stubbornness … he will be the teacher! That is his dream! So Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay returned the job offer elsewhere! Soma moved to Kolkata from Nalhati to join the movement of SSC job seekers due to cancer. His movement continues. Soma said that if the body agrees, he will continue the movement to demand justice.

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