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#Kolkata: In the face of the last election, he left the grassroots and joined the Gerua camp. Rajib Banerjee, the former Forest Minister of the state, has been keeping his distance from the Gerua camp since the defeat of the BJP and the defeat of the BJP in the Assembly polls. There has been a lot of speculation about her going to the grassroots for some time now, and that speculation ended on Sunday (Rajib Banerjee Rejoins TMC). Rajib Banerjee returned to the grassroots (Saumitra Vs Sujata On Rajib Banerjee) after attending a meeting of Abhishek Banerjee in Agartala, the capital of Tripura on Sunday. And since then, the BJP has been attacking as usual, not even the grassroots.

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Rajib Banerjee (Rajib Banerjee Rejoins TMC) Saumitra Vs Sujata On Rajib Banerjee’s resignation from the BJP (Saumitra Khan) MP from Bishnupur and President of the BJP’s Youth Front Saumitra Khan. He said, ‘I am drinking tea, I will drink tea and throw away the joke. Rajiv Dar’s situation is like a tea clown. Rajiv Da still does not understand politics. I told him many times to eat Cerelac. ”

Soumitra Khan said, ‘Those who have left the BJP and gone to the grassroots, it is clear from their condition. Rajiv Dar’s condition will be the same as the clown is taken care of before drinking tea and the clown is thrown away after drinking tea. ” Soumitra Khan vs Sujata On Rajib Banerjee

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But not only Soumitra Khan, but also Rajib Banerjee (Rajib Banerjee Rejoins TMC) has been attacked by Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee. He termed Rajiv Banerjee as a corrupt leader from head to toe. He even complained that Rajiv Banerjee used the money to work in Dubai.

On the other hand, Trinamool Congress leader Sujata Mandal Khan has retaliated against Saumitra Vs Sujata On Rajib Banerjee. Sujata fired a cannon on the return of Rajiv Banerjee to the Trinamool Congress on Monday. However, Sujata has targeted the BJP.

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On Monday, Sujata Khan (Saumitra Vs Sujata On Rajib Banerjee) told the media, ‘The world thinks tomorrow what I think today. I have said before that one by one everyone will return to the Trinamool Congress. Rajibabu came. What else can be seen. If the lotus leaves the Padma forest, then it is understood how much the mud smells! Another meaning of Rajiv is Padma. Not so! ‘

Rajiv Banerjee’s resignation from the BJP has given a real push to the Gerua camp. Because even after taking him to the All India Committee, he left the party. Now BJP state president MP Arjun Singh has taunted him, but in reality a leader has been dropped in the Gerua camp. Despite losing the Ekushey election, the political circles think that the image of Rajiv Banerjee is bright enough. Sujata scolded Soumitra about this, ‘- There is no other place for BJP in Bishnupur like that. There is nothing left of the organization

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