South DumDum Water Logging: Exclusive! The water level of the canal is high from the area and Shyamnagar is in danger of flooding again

Shyamnagar: Shyamnagar area of ​​South Dum Dum municipality. Water receded from the area on Friday afternoon. The canal here is connected to the Bagjola canal. The people of the area claim that the canal is losing its water holding capacity as it has not been repaired for a long time. When it rains, the water freezes, but more than that, the canal overflows and submerges the local area.

Going to Arti Harijan Palli next to the canal, it was seen that there is DumDum Waterlogging in the backyard of the house. They claim that if it rains again, water will enter again. So from now on everyone is sitting on the bed with things tied. Someone says to lift things up and sit on the bed, or sit on a bench or tool. Even a one-storey house in this area has knee-deep water. In the Dumdum Park area next door, water had accumulated near one knee for the past seven days. According to the people of the area, water has overflowed in the Bagjola canal.

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Here too the surrounding local area is low from the surface of the canal water. As a result, water is flowing effortlessly through the lock gates. It was seen that the side of the lock gate was made like a dam with sandbags. Allegedly, it is not possible to stop the water in any way with that sandbag. Although the water has receded since Friday afternoon. The local municipal administration is spreading pesticides in the area starting from bleaching powder. However, locals claim that the foul smelling water of Bagjola canal is spreading pollution in the area.

Everything from the water taps supplied by the municipality went under the water. People in Shyamnagar and Dumdum Park areas have spent several days in severe water shortage. Sabita Pal, Dipali Sarkar, Tina Pal and Sanchita Palera of Harijanpalli claimed that the canal has not been repaired for a long time and the water holding capacity has decreased. They allege that this vast area has been submerged for the last two years due to water pressure. The locals complained that they did not get any benefit even after approaching the municipality

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