Speed ​​Boat At Ravindra Sarobar: Petrol powered speed boat at Rabindra Sarobar! Environmentalists are surprised to see ‘Kand’

#Kolkata: ‘I am saying a very sad thing. If it catches the eye of the authorities. I saw a speedboat running on the lake of Rabindrasarovar. Which is against all the rules, I will explain why a little ‘.

We know that the lake of South Kolkata i.e. Rabindrasarovar has got the status of a national lake. It deserves a heritage badge. As per the directions of the Hon’ble Court, no motor vehicle can enter the side of the road around this lake for three hours in the morning. The road is sealed.

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Under the supervision of the Calcutta Improvement Trust, bicycles cannot enter the lake. Such a strict authority. But suddenly the speedboat in the lake water broke all the rules of environmental protection! Which is not petrol engine driven.

This petrol engine is polluting the whole Lake Square.

The police force guarding the lake has also been allowed to use only battery-powered vehicles. Cyclists in Kolkata have asked for permission to ride eco-friendly bicycles at certain times of the week. But that permission was not given by showing the rules. How is the speedboat running on the lake water?

How did they get this permission? He is a wonder to the environmentalists and common people of Bengal. The National Green Tribunal has directed that in cases where endangered species and other creatures would be harmed, the authorities would aim to take immediate action.

What can be seen is that the foam of the speedboat waste oil is being deposited in the water of the lake by pushing the wind. The fish are dying. Now the number of migratory birds has also increased. What’s the point of operating a ship that destroys this deadly environment? Ordinary people want to know.

Somewhere thunderbolt again somewhere fasca gero? What kind of environmental policy is this? This is the question of environmentalists in an open letter from the Pollution Control Board to the concerned administration officials including KMDA.

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Environmentalist Somendra Mohan Ghosh said, “When I go for a morning walk, I suddenly see a speedboat running on the lake with a thumbs up to the rules. We think the environment is being terribly polluted because of this. Our demand to the concerned authorities is to immediately stop the speedboats operating illegally in Rabindra Sarobar Lake.

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